Chemxlog: Knowledge Management across Organizations

“On that part, the basic directions are quite different. ChemXlog is very eager to solicit business, trying to put everybody on board the system. The freight forwarder’s basic attitude and direction are just like me. We don’t see immediate interest or savings. On the contrary, we incur more expenditure, more manpower and more work. So we are actually trying to bring each other down, they say: please come on board and we say: please give us more savings. Of course there will be some argument and some conflicts in terms of charges.” Director, Haulier

In early 2001, Simon, the logistics manager of PhotoChem, started to explore the idea of a web based collaborative logistics system. He wanted a system through which he could interact with PhotoChem’s logistics service providers online. Simon realized that it was inefficient to continue interacting with them the traditional way, i.e. through faxes and phones. After successfully convincing his management he started looking out for suitable vendors that could help him in his plan. He selected ChemXlog, an IT firm as the vendor. ChemXlog specialized in providing collaborative logistics systems for chemical companies. Ron, the account manager and Terence, the business development manager of ChemXlog were now to assist Simon in getting the service providers on board the system. Simon knew this was not going to be an easy task.

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