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Students and Practitioners

Students and practitioners of IT Management can obtain access to all our case studies free of charge by registering with us. Our cases are provided as PDF downloads.

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Educators can obtain our cases free of charge, simply by registering with us. Each case is supplemented with instructional materials, consisting of a comprehensive teaching note (as a PDF download), and presentation slides (available in both PPT and PPTX formats).


To gain access to these instructional materials, educators need to complete a simple verification process – just email us a scanned copy of your business card and let us know your AITCS username! An email will be sent to you at the address indicated on your business card once your registration is successful!


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Writing a Case for AITCS


AITCS is seeking to collaborate with authors interested in contributing high quality teaching cases and instructional materials to the series. To submit your teaching case and materials, please:

The teaching case should be limited to approxmiately 7,000 words, including all tables, figures footnotes and references (excluding exhibits), and the teaching note should be no more than 4,000 words.


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Case Sponsors

Management executives can contribute to the series by allowing our case researchers to document your organizations unique management practices and problems as the focus of our teaching case.

Please contact us for more information if you are interested in collaborating with the AITCS.


Championing AITCS


AITCS Champions

Anyone can contribute by helping us to promote the philosophy of our series, and increase the adoption of our free teaching cases and materials, especially to institutions that can benefit greatly through our collective social entrepreneurship.

To become an AITCS champion, please email us!