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The Accounting & Corporate Regulatory Authority’s BizFile System

The Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) was formed as a new Statutory Board on 1st April 2004 through the merger of the Registry of Companies and Businesses (RCB) and the Public Accountants Board (PAB) with the mission to “provide a responsive and forward looking regulatory environment for companies, businesses and public accountants, conducive to enterprise and growth in Singapore”. Simply put, the BizFile System is the flagship IT system of ACRA as it incorporates all the major transactional e-services as well as the backend enterprise database of ACRA. Primarily, the BizFile System supports the operational functions of ACRA in terms of the registration and renewal of businesses and companies licenses as well as the selling of these business and company information. Correspondingly, these operation falls under the purview of the Business Unit, Company Unit and the Information Resource Division in ACRA. Although other divisions in ACRA do utilize the BizFile System in their daily operation, their utilization is mainly for administrative purposes.


The LTA was officially established on September 1, 1995 through the merger of four public sector entities; namely the Registry of Vehicles, the Mass Rapid Transit Corporation, the Roads & Transportation Division of the Public Works Department and the Land Transport Division of the former Ministry of Communications (now renamed as the Ministry of Transport). It is currently a statutory board under the Ministry of Transport and is tasked to spearhead land transport development in the island state of Singapore. It oversees the long-term land transportation planning in Singapore and it also looks after the transportation needs of all road users, including those who drive and those who take public transport. The ultimate goal of LTA is to ensure ‘a smooth and seamless journey for all’. LTA aims to deliver a land transport network that is integrated, efficient, cost-effective and sustainable to meet the nation’s needs. It also targets to plan, develop and manage Singapore’s land transport system to support a quality environment while making optimal use of the transport measures and safeguarding the well-being of the traveling public. The other objective of LTA is to develop and implement policies to encourage commuters to choose the most appropriate transportation mode.