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National Library Board (NLB): Mediating IT-Enabled Transformation through Users

“The entire organization has played an important role in achieving this transformation. The staff believed in the vision we presented to them, and they were active participants in this process, making it their own, and helping the organization provide the kind of services that are available today. We are not just providing a knowledge-enriching environment to Singaporeans, our organization is a learning organization that constantly relooks at its services and improves itself constantly.” – CEO of NLB, Dr. Christopher Chia

Singapore identified its National Library as one of the organizations that can equip Singapore’s population in the quest to be a knowledge society. In 1992, a committee was established by the government to study the state of public libraries in Singapore and formulate a vision for its development in line with the needs of the nation. In particular, the committee focused on developing Singapore as an international information hub, in addition to providing library services to foster a knowledge society in Singapore and preserving Singapore’s literary heritage. The committee tabled its findings in 1994 in a report titled Library 2000.