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Singapore E-Government Initiatives: Engaging Users

In 2000, the Singapore government initiated the e-government Action Plan to make all government services to be available online. The government provides funding to its agencies to support their efforts to implement e-government systems. Here, we describe the implementation of 2 separate e-government systems by a single Singapore government agency. For reasons of confidentiality, the identity of this agency and the two e-government systems are assigned the pseudonyms of SINGA, SINGA-ALPHA and SINGA-BETA, respectively.

The British Council: Implementing Knowledge Management in a Geographically Dispersed Organization

“We’re a hugely distributed organization with a 126 offices in a 110 countries. We, at any one point, will have several thousand programs running across the world. Although the headquarters is here [UK], all of the activities take place on the ground in the countries. With an organization like that, unless we are quick and efficient about sharing our experiences, sharing our information about our projects, sharing information about each other, there is a danger that we duplicate and replicate. It is not efficient financially; it’s not efficient just from the point of delivery. So it’s recognized in the organization that effective knowledge management is critical for us to achieve our strategic aims.” – A Senior British Council Staff

In January 1999, Mr. Roman and Mr. Edwards, two members of the senior management team (SMT) within the Information & Services Management (ISM) department, authored a position paper in which they proposed the idea of formally managing the organization‟s knowledge. This paper emphasized the importance to the British Council (BC) of managing their knowledge and called for creating a knowledge management (KM) strategy for the organization. Mr. Roman and Mr. Edwards had been influenced by the KM efforts that had been taken at the World Bank, as well as pressures for a new approach to promoting the UK from the UK government.

Asian Development Bank (ADB): Implementing Knowledge Management

“Yes, we are a bank and we provide loans, financial assistance but we started to realize that we can often have more of an impact through a study than through a loan. And particularly, the combination of sort of financing and sort of expertise is what makes ADB unique. Head commercial banks are not interested in providing expert advice. And people who often provide advice have very little leverage.” – A Member of the Top Management Team of the ADB