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Enabling Agility through Routinized Improvisation in IT Deployment: The Case of Chang Chun Petrochemicals

Chang Chun Petrochemicals (CCP) is the oldest petrochemical firm in Taiwan. It started as Chang Chun Plastics Co in 1949 for the purpose of manufacturing a form of engineering plastic known as the Phenolic Molding Compound. Over the years, CCP gradually increased the variety of its product offerings and expanded its production facilities to meet the increasing demands of the global market as its business grew exponentially through joint ventures and technology licensing. Today, CCP is an international company that provides a broad range of products from engineering plastics and electronic chemicals to molding materials. CCP owns more than 10 subsidies, with Chang Chun Petrochemical Co, Chang Chun Plastics Co and Dairen Corporate being the three major ones. By 2007, CCP had successfully built business relationships with more than 15,000 customers located in 111 countries and offered more than 100 categories of products. It currently has more than 4,500 employees worldwide and an annual revenue of about US$4.6 billion, making it the one of the largest privately-owned petrochemical firms in the country.