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E-Government Enabled Service Transformation at the Central Provident Fund Board

In Singapore, all working citizens, together with their employers, are required by law to contribute a percentage of their monthly income to the Central Provident Fund (CPF), a social security savings plan established in 1955 for the purpose of providing financial security for the people of Singapore in their retirement. Today, the CPF has evolved into a comprehensive social security savings package that encompasses the retirement, healthcare, home ownership, family protection and asset enhancement needs of Singaporeans. The money in a citizen’s CPF account can be used for housing, insurance, healthcare and investment prior to retirement, and when the citizen retires, he/she would receive a monthly retirement stipend paid out from their own accumulated CPF savings.

NS Portal: Transforming the Public Services of the Ministry of Defense of Singapore

As a serviceman transitions through his NS lifecycle, taking on the roles of a pre-enlistee, a NSF, and an NSman in succession, he will require the administrative services provided by the various agencies of MINDEF. These services may include registration for NS, notification of overseas travel, the booking of dates for the annual Individual Physical Proficiency Tests (IPPT) and application for deferment from NS. Yet, with hundreds of different transactions provided by over 60 different agencies available, coordinating the administrative processes that underlie the needs of the servicemen was complex, paperwork-intensive and tedious.