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China’s E-Government Initiative

The Shanghai government initially merely had several specialized stand-alone information systems and a basic online presence. Thus, when the central Chinese government advocated the use of IT in the public sector in the late 1990s, the Shanghai municipal government jumped at the opportunity to implement more dynamic and interactive systems, and concurrently boost the municipality’s economy and position in China’s transformation efforts. Their initial aim was to implement an all-in-one municipal-wide social security card system. The Shanghai project began in September 1998 and would last three years. The Shanghai Municipal Informatization Commission championed and coordinated efforts during this project, via an empowered project team, with support from the mayor and vice mayor of Shanghai and the Chinese central government. They also collaborated with one of China’s top universities and a prominent local electronics company to implement the system. The project began with the streamlining of back-office processes and exploration of feasible technological solutions. An administrative institution was even set up to manage the system, while policies were laid out as part of the legal and regulatory framework guiding the project. Subsequently, information was disseminated as required in a top-down fashion throughout the municipality, and the project team adopted a modular approach in rolling out the system. Finally, this e-government system and model was replicated across other municipalities and provinces in China.